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Pots and Pines is a leading Landscape Architecture, Construction and Maintenance Company based in Tehran and Dubai. We take pride in the expertise and know-how we have developed throughout the years, in understanding and recognizing quality plants. As for the pots, the products in the market didn’t match our standards aesthetically nor the quality of our plants; that’s why a few years ago we started the process of creating planters and jars. In the Pots and Pines shop, you can find products inspired by the traditional craft of pottery leaning more toward art as well as a more minimal, neat approach that relies on various types of metal and concrete. This process of product design, lives on and our collection grows more each day, valuing the creation of the perfect colors, the appropriate finishing and aiming for highend results. Our Design Division specializes in the planning of landscapes and gardens for both private and public spaces all over Iran. Our experienced landscape architects combine creative flair with undivided attention to details, delivering classic-yet-contemporary results. other landscape and garden designers on a regular basis. We have put together a rich team of experts who focus on the Maintenance of your garden and landscape; in order to ensure your outdoor space always looks immaculate and spotless. Our full-service maintenance package is tailored to suit your requirements for your private spaces as well as public and commercial venues.


Pots and Pines is a leading landscape architecture and urban design practice in Tehran, established over five years ago. We have experience in masterplanning, landscaping and public realm designs in some of the most iconic and recognisable areas of Tehran.

We are known for our consistent, innovative and sustainable designs and our unwavering attention to detail in crafting

With projects from the most modest of city roof terraces to the grandest of palaces and hotels, our experienced landscape architects combine creative flair with obsessive attention to detail to deliver classic, yet contemporary, garden designs.

Our Construction Division is made up of hard- and soft-landscaping experts whose traditional craftsmanship skills, using modern methods and equipment, deliver beautiful gardens and public realm spaces time and time again.

We employ a substantial team of garden and landscape maintenance experts who work under annual maintenance contracts, or on one-off jobs, to ensure that your outdoor space always looks immaculate.

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